Restaurant Il Siciliano
Il Siciliano restaurant serves Italian cuisine with the Sicilian accent. Interior is laconic and stylish, modern, but cozy. Sicily is in emotions and the atmosphere.
Il Siciliano restaurant is a project of a famous Italian Chef - Bruno Marino.
Cuisine Il Siciliano
It is possible to try authentic Sicilian dishes here: Antipasti, mini squids "Alla Putanesca", tuna stake with caponata, casarecce "Alla Norma", and also big choice of original Italian pizza. For dessert take famous Sicilian cannoli!
Bruno Marino pasticceria

Pasticceria Bruno Marino is the true taste of Italy with Sicilian accent! In pasticceria Bruno Marino you can get a cup of the original Italian coffee and famous Sicilian cannoli. Showcases are filled with Italian gelato and rich assortment of Italian pastries like: biscotties, crostatas, cakes, mini pasticini & other.
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